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Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya
Journal Editorial Board

2021 Vol. 14 Issue 80 :: In Press

Kuznetsova S.O., Taranova V.A. The relationship between the level of aggressiveness and resilience in older adolescents

The current study is aimed to investigate the relationship between aggressiveness and resilience in adolescence. Prevention of aggressive and autoaggressive behavior in society becomes of great interest among psychological practitioners. Despite the relevant studies of the resilience in aggressive people are lacking, those may contribute to the development of psychological assistance programs.


Grinenko U.B. The problem of school shooting in the educational environment

In the middle 1970s and late 1990s, a series of shootings in educational organizations took place in the United States, the so-called "school shooting", or "Columbine", which led to numerous injuries and murders. A wave of school shooting has also started in the Russian Federation. The current paper is aimed to analyze the literature regarding the phenomenon of mass school murders with the focus on the works of foreign authors. 


Soldatova G.U., Chigarkova S.V., Ilyukhina S.N. Media consumption of adolescents and parents: sources of information and trust in them

Investigation of media consumption preferences among younger and older generations allows for prediction of the direction of transformation of the information society in the context of mixed online-offline reality. The current study aimed to analyze the preferred sources of information among adolescents and their parents, as well as the degree of trust in these sources. The study involved 637 participants (Nadolescents=300, Nparents=337) who rated 12 types of sources in terms of the frequency of access and the level of trust on a 4-point scale. Online activity on weekdays and weekends was also reported. 


Shinina T.V., Morozova I.G. Adolescents and the pandemic: a profile of self-reliance.

The current study is focused on the autonomy of adolescents at the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic before the quarantine measures were introduced. Online study involved 1,044 first-year students of secondary educational institutions in nine cities of Russia (mean age M=16.6. years, SD=0.80). The battery of questionnaires is described in the body of the paper. According to the results, the level of readiness for independent life was found to be above average.


Bayramyan R.M. Gender differences in schoolchildren's preferences for coping strategies.

Transition from primary school age to adolescence is complicated itself beyond gender differences, as it affected by a wide range of obstacles in school life. Nevertheless, the preferred coping strategies at primary school age determines the success of coping with difficulties in adolescence. In the current study we aimed to examine the role of gender in the preferences of coping strategies by children of primary school age.


Chulyukin K.S. Creative thinking and attitude to rules in pre-adolescence

The attitude to rules undergoes significant changes by pre-adolescence. By this age the relationships with peers, external assessment, and recognition become vital. At the same time, there are still social rules, school requirements and tasks, which can affect the creativity of schoolchildren. The current study was aimed to examine the association between creative thinking and attitude to rules in pre-adolescence. The study included 160 participants aged 9-11 years (M = 10.14; SD = 1.12).