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Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya. Current Issue Articles

Kashirsky D.V., Makota E.M., Sabelnikova N.V. The structure of work motivation of a modern Russian leader (based on the study of middle managers working in banking sector)

Motivation has been the central issue of general and organizational psychology. Knowing the factors that predict labor effectiveness is important for the development of psychological theory and practice. A lot of psychological studies have been focused on work motivation. However, most of them were focused on ordinary employees or a generalized category «employee» without identification of the specific professional groups and levels. Using this approach, one takes a risk to study abstract labor subjects with real people left aside.


Obukhova Y.V., Tokmakova D.S. Systematic review of research on the relationships between social intelligence and the BIG FIVE personality traits

In this paper we conducted a systematic review of relationships between social intelligence and personality traits. Characteristics of the correlations between indices of social intelligence and personality traits were established based on the analysis of 66 studies, published in journals indexed in the Academic Search Complete, PsycINFO + PsycARTICLES, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, Web of Science and Scopus. The main analyzed variables represented type of publication, study design, type of groups studied and country of the study. 


Aslanov I.A., Kotov A.A. The Impact of Metaphorical Framing on the Evaluation of Judgments on an Example of Category

The study examines framing effect of the metaphor on judgments about a category. It is also tested if the metaphor can increase objectivity of the category, that is, strengthen the effect of the categorical name. For these purposes the category of “depression” and related metaphors of “enemy” and “swamp” were chosen (these metaphors derived from the content analysis of the federal media from December 2018 till December 2019). According to the theory of conceptual metaphor, framing effect is caused by adding metaphorical statements into description of the category. 


Larionov P.M. The role of hostility and dysfunctional cognitive emotion regulation in the development of psycho-emotional disorders

The article presents the results of a research aimed at studying the role of hostility and cognitive coping in the development of distress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. The participation mechanisms of these personality traits in the development of psycho-emotional disorders are discussed as well.
Materials and methods. The study examined 109 generally healthy young people aged 19-34 who completed the following questionnaires: The Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ), The Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire (BPAQ), The Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ).


Pavlova N.D., Kubrak T.A., Grebenschikova T.A. Study of the dynamics of network communities’ subjectness by its manifestation in discourse

In this paper we investigated subjectness – one of the fundamental properties of online communities. The term defines group’s capacity for self-organization and joint activity. The community’s subjectness emerges in its discourse and depends on how the discourse is organized and developed: communicational processes, goal setting, conventions both declared and implicit, etc. We hypothesized that subjectness of the online community is changing during its functioning. This change can be estimated by presence of subjectness' components in the discourse. 


Reshetnikov M.L. Effect of verbal suggestions on solving the Pigpen problem

There are many physiological and psychological factors, which are thought to affect performance on various cognitive tasks. Even phrasing of a task can change results dramatically. There are studies showing that verbal suggestions can increase performance on tasks such as Stroop test. Some findings show that suggestions can have automating and de-automating effect on cognitive processes.


Stanovich K. Overcoming Miserly Processing: Detection, Override, and Mindware

Errors in heuristics and biases tasks can derive from different reasons. In order to understand those errors, this chapter uncovers three mental characteristics required for rational thinking: conflict detection, override and mindware. Failures in their processing can be divided in two categories – problems with miserly processing and problems with mindware.