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Saporovskaya M.V. Intergenerational relations research in the family context

Full text in Russian: Сапоровская М.В. Исследование межпоколенных связей в семейном контексте
Nekrasov Kostroma State University, Kostroma, Russia

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In article factors of the child-parental conflict are analyzed, distinctions in representations of parents and teenagers about their mutual relations, which are considered by the author as one of the reasons of inter-generational conflict in families of different type (full, incomplete, reception) are shown. There are also presented the results, obtained in research of mothers and fathers aspiration and their dynamics in three generations of men and women (grandparents, parents and children). The continuity (reproduction) of parental aspirations by the subsequent generations is considered as the factor, which is strengthening inter-generational communications in a family.

Keywords: inter-generational conflict, child-parental conflicts, interpersonal understanding, system parent-child, parental aspirations, continuity of generations


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Available online 17 december 2008.

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Saporovskaya Mariya V. Ph.D., Professor, Department of Social Psychology, Nekrasov Kostroma State University, ul. 1 Maya, 14, 156001 Kostroma, Russia.
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