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Zubova Yu.K. Motivating adolescents to participate in socio-psychological training

Full text in Russian: Зубова Ю.К. Особенности мотивации подростков к участию в социально-психологическом тренинге
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

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The ways of enhancing intrinsic motivation in adolescent participants of socio-psychological training are studied. The empirical study is designed based on the interview method: focused interview with experts (N = 10) and a survey of adolescent training participants aimed at rising communication competence (N = 37). The most productive ways of enhancing motivation in adolescents during socio-psychological training were identified and analyzed in the context of adolescent development.

Keywords: socio-psychological training, communication competence, training participation, motivation, intrinsic motivation, adolescence, adolescent



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Received 6 September 2012. Date of publication: 26 February 2013..

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Zubova Yuliya K. Рh.D. Student, Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Mokhovaya, 11, str. 9, 125009 Moscow, Russia.
E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

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Zubova Yu.K. Motivating adolescents to participate in socio-psychological training. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2013, Vol. 6, No. 27, p. 10. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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