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Chebotareva E.Yu. Communicative personality of minority culture representatives in intercultural situations

Full text in Russian: Чеботарева Е.Ю. Коммуникативная личность представителей миноритарной культуры в ситуациях межкультурного взаимодействия
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russia

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The article is devoted to analysis of intercultural communication features of minority culture representatives (using Karelians as an example) in connection with their communicative personality characteristics. Significant differences in styles of interethnic communication of Karelians and Russians were not found in the study. Numerous links between their communicative personality characteristics and interethnic interaction styles were revealed and analyzed. Speech characteristics of personality were proved to be a reliable source of information about personality characteristics of the subject of speech activity that determined his/her style of intercultural interaction and socialization in other culture environment.

Keywords: communicative personality, intercultural communication, ethnic identity, ethnic tolerance, psycholinguistic analysis of speech acts



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Received 5 June 2014. Date of publication: 26 February 2015.

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Chebotareva Elena Ju. Associate Professor, Department of Social and Differential Psychology, Faculty of Philology, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, ul. Miklukho-Maklaya, 6, 117198, Moscow, Russia.
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Chebotareva E. Yu. Communicative personality of minority culture representatives in intercultural situations. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2015, Vol. 8, No. 39, p. 7. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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