Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya • ISSN 2075-7999
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2015 Vol. 8 Issue 42

Psychology in the transitive world [Special issue]

During the last time we repeatedly address to methodological and investigating problems which are connected with a new situation of science development, new challenges of the present. Transitivity concerns not only variability and uncertainty of society and/or science, it is also a state of mind, mentalities of our contemporaries around the world. Therefore it is so important for psychology not only to realize, reflect methodologically a new situation, but also to find new, adequate methods for studying the happening changes in all spheres of life.

In this issue various articles - from studying language norm’s transformations to investigation of brain mechanism’s dynamics, from the analysis of cognitive and clinical paradigms to reflection of existential and philosophical psychology are collected. Unites these papers the aspiration to analyze and explain the occurring difficult phenomena, without simplifying, but also without dramatizing them. Therefore the position that only understanding of yourself and people around, existential identity are capable to compensate social transitivity becomes more and more important.

No less important is empirical studying of new phenomenology of socialization, copping, Internet communication, social knowledge, and reflection ratio of different paradigms and constructs in new methodology. At the same time the psychology of the present demands also understanding of the way passed by psychological science, various options of its development, and also incorporation of ideas and achievements (and even mistakes) of the past to the present.


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