Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya • ISSN 2075-7999
peer-reviewed • open access journal


2016 Vol. 9 Issue 47

Drobovtseva M.V., Kotova M.V. The interrelation between national and ethnic identity among Russian citizens: sociocultural factors as moderators
Kornilova T.V., Bakhshaliyeva S.I. A cross-cultural study of the relationship between decision making and tolerance for uncertainty in Russian and Azerbaijani students
Folomeeva T.V., Chernyshova A.L. Social and psychological factors in consumer decision-making in situations of economic change
Emelyanova T.P. Collective memory about the Soviet past: back in USSR?
Sibirko A.I., Vinokurov F.N. Mobile social networks and interpersonal communication of youth
Korneev A.A., Rasskazova E.I., Kichevets A.N., Koyfman A.Ya. Criticism of Null Hypothesis Significance Testing: Limitations and Possible Ways Out. Part II
Lysenko E.S. The influence of cognitive task on the functional specialization of the hemispheres with the use of changes blood flow velocity
Kubrak T.A. The problem of information and psychological security in cinema discourse
Kornilova T.V., Chumakova M.A., Gadjieva G.I. Cross-cultural study of connection between the Dark Triad and Emotional Intelligence (for Russian and Azerbaijani samples)
Ivanova K.V. Specifics of communication of the tutor with children as factor of socialization of the preschool children
Savenysheva S.S. The dynamics of marital relationship during the transition to parenthood: Analysis of foreign studies
Loginova S.V., Slobodskaya H.R., Kozlova E.A., Kornienko O.S. Psychometric properties of a Russian version of the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire – Preschool revision (APQ-PR)

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