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Grishina N.V. Existential approach to well-being: empirical characteristics

Full text in Russian: Гришина Н.В. Психологическое благополучие в экзистенциальном понимании: эмпирические особенности

St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia

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The ideas of psychological well-being in various psychological approaches are considered. In existential approach the concept of psychological well-being is operationalized with the help of construct of an existential "ispolnennost". Results of the empirical researches describing features of an existential "ispolnennost" in comparison with psychological well-being in interpretation offered by positive psychology are given.

Keywords: psychological well-being, positive psychology, existential approach, existence, existential ispolnennost



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Received 17 May 2016. Date of publication: 27 August 2016.

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Grishina Nataliya V. Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg State University, nab. Makarova, 6, 199034 St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Grishina N.V.  Existential approach to well-being: empirical characteristics. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2016, Vol. 9, No. 48, p. 10. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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