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2016 Vol. 9 Issue 49

Coping psychology: modern context [Special issue]

This essay is devoted to the problems discussed in Kostroma at the IV International scientific conference "Psychology of stress and coping behavior: resources, health, developmen".

The research laboratory of the Kostroma state university deals more than 15 years with a fundamental problem of psychology of a stress and coping behavior, allocating this problem as the new to domestic science direction. In the laboratory was worked out the complete concept of stress and coping psychology as the important part of adaptive behavior of healthy people. Identification of coping behavior as behavior of the subject gives the chance to disclose its essence, regularities and psychological mechanisms, and also to allocate and describe system of coping-resources.

Authors of articles show that the coping psychology is able and must be engaged in the explanation of difficulties in the course of socialization in modern society, and also to the analysis of individual and age distinctions in course of this process in various social contexts.


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