Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya • ISSN 2075-7999
peer-reviewed • open access journal


2016 Vol. 9 Issue 50

Eliseenko A.S., Poddiakov A.N. Dynamics of knowledge acquisition and knowledge application in a complex novel system management problem
Balashova E.Yu. The time perspective of neuropsychological diagnostics: the path to the future through the difficult today
Meshkova N.V., Enikolopov S.N. On psychological research of antisocial creativity
Rasskazova E.I., Tkhostov A.S., Guldan V.V. Ways to care for the health and physical symptoms: the role of beliefs and actions
Ayanyan A.N, Golubeva N.A., Martsinkovskaya T.D., Poleva N.S. The specifics of the formation of children and adolescents in a situation of identity is transitive
Guseltseva M.S. Theoretical and methodological foundations of the harmonization processes of socialization, individualization and identity of the person in the conditions of transitive society
Fedunina N.Yu., Bannikov G.S., Vikhristyuk O.V., Bazhenova M.D. Monitoring of early signs of anxiety and depressive disturbances in teacher and pedagogy students: structural and dynamic aspects
Eidelman G.N., Sergienko E.A. The role of subjective factors in the psychological well-being of youth in the situation of professional self-determination
Shukova G.V. Modern research trends in perceptual psychology
Krasnova O.V., Poleva N.S. Comparative study of the socio-cultural identity in adolescence and adulthood
Alekseeva O.S., Rzhanova I.E. The influences of sex and birth order on differences of parental treatment
Egorova M.S., Sitnikova M.A., Parshikova O.V., Chertkova Yu.D. “Dark” personality traits in evaluations of positive and negative film characters

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