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2017 Vol. 10 Issue 52

Shchukina M.A. Internal picture of self-development experience

Full text in Russian: Щукина М.А. Внутренняя картина опыта саморазвития

St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work, St. Petersburg, Russia

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The article is made in the framework of a new independent field of psychological science and practice — psychology of self-development, designed to unleash human potential for self-organization and self-governance with the help of the available mental resources for the disclosure and realization of their personal and intellectual potential. This is described a study that is dedicated to the reconstruction of the internal picture of the stages of the living experience of self-development. It is noted the failure to realize the potential of qualitative methods of contemporary psychological science to recreate the system of ideas of personality about himself in the process of self-managed change from the inside this process. The qualitative analysis of self-description by respondents (n=35) experience self — conscious and purposeful construction or change "I" in life was presented. Inner picture of the organization and implementation work was reconstructed. The basic stages of process of self-development were distinguished: 1) awareness and negative evaluation of the initial situation in the system "I" or "I'm in a situation" (problem situation); 2) the state of liminality: frontier of the negative emotions, the awareness of the impossibility to put up with them; 3) decision-making about self-transformation, accompanied by awareness of the direction and sense of the coming changes; 4) development of an action plan — selection of techniques and tools for self-change; 5) implementation of the developed plan, indicating the importance of the support of the nearest social environment, elements of internal struggle and efforts to overcome it and consistent implementation of the project of self-change; 6) evaluating the results of self-development with a predominance of ascertaining positive changes; 7) the resource of experience for his future life. The phenomenological illustration of the above-mentioned stages of the protocols of the respondents was presented.

Keywords: personality, self-development, experience, internal picture, qualitative analysis



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Received 29 October 2016. Date of publication: 19 April 2017.

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Schukina Mariya A. Ph.D., Head of Department of the General, Developmental and Differential Psychology, St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work, 13А, 199178 St. Petersburg, Russia.
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Shchukina M.A. Internal picture of self-development experience. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2017, Vol. 10, No. 52, p. 5. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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