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2017 Vol 10 Issue 54

Psychological paradoxes of individual and social development in a multicultural society [Special issue]

As usual, this issue is formed on the base of dialogues at the annual Shpetovskuh readings. Their theme this year was "Psychological paradoxes of individual and social development in a multicultural society." It seems to us that the answers to the questions of the correlation of the individual and the social in a modern transitive, multicultural society can be found, in particular, in the works of G.G. Shpet on ethnic psychology and internal form of the word. This possibility was proved by using the concept of an internal form in the analysis of the psychological chronotope.

In general, the subjects of the articles focuse on the problems of acculturation of emigrants in new sociocultural conditions, values ​​and standards, constantly changing and varying the correlation and content of the social and individual development contexts.

The discussion began with a very interesting report by A.N.Poddyakov, which was already mentioned on the page of issue in FB. The question of whether it is necessary to re-educate emigrants to new values ​​is touched in the content of many articles, without finding, that is natural, an unambiguous answer. At the same time, the discrepancy between values ​​and stereotypes concerns literally all aspects of the social and individual development context - from the notions about heroes, ideas about the future, stereotypes of old age. Therefore, more and more relevant are various areas, including the notion of culture as one of the leading determinants of the development of the psyche.

In general, the authors are fascinatingly and polemically revealing the positive and negative aspects of personality development in today's multicultural space, showing new trends in the study of a multicultural society.



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