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2018 Vol. 11 Issue 58

Smirnova A.Yu. The impact of social support on psychological security of the employee in job loss threatened situation

Full text in Russian: Смирнова А.Ю. Значение поддержки социального окружения в сохранении психологической защищенности работником в ситуации угрозы потери работы

Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia

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The theoretical analysis of literature in psychological security issue are made in the article. The job insecurity shows as the process of experience and as the result of this experience in the treat of job joss situation simultaneously. The social and psychological sources of coping with job insecurity are analyzed. Participants were 297 male and 168 female employees holding in a variety of job positions in a large firm. The measures used in the present study are: the ‘Work-Related Behaviour and Experience Pattern’ questionnaire (Schaarschmidt and Fischer (AVEM) administered by T.Roginscaya, The Family-Work Conflict Scales (Netemeyer, Boles and McMurrian), the Survey of Perceived Organizational Support (SPOS) (Eisenberger, Huntington, Hutchinson and Sowa), Organizational Justice Scale (J.A.Colquitt), the Job Insecurity Scale (De Witte) (all administered by A.Smirnova). Structural equation modeling showed that the family is the stable social group that provides the experience of psychological security to the employee in job loss threatened situation. Also it was shown the instrumental family support is more important than the perceived organizational support. The organizational justice do not provide job security, at the same time organizational justice influences on cognitive and affective job insecurity (less). The support of the family influences on cognitive and affective job insecurity.

Keywords: job insecurity, psychological security, perceived organizational support, family support, treats of job loss



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Received 8 January 2018. Date of publication: 30 April 2018.

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Smirnova Anna Yu. Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Department of General and Social Psychology, Saratov State University, ul. Astrakhanskaya, 83, 410012 Saratov, Russia.
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Smirnova A.Yu. The impact of social support on psychological security of the employee in job loss threatened situation. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2018, Vol. 11, No. 58, p. 10. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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