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Ayanyan A.N., Martsinkovskaya T.D. Teenager’s socialization in informational space

Full text in Russian: Аянян А.Н., Марцинковская Т.Д. Социализация подростков в информационном пространстве
Psychological institute, Moscow, Russia

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Specifics of information preferences of the teenagers from different spaces – megalopolis (Moscow) and small town in Krasnodar region are considered. The structure and the maintenance of their identity is revealed, influence of social space on process of information socialization and content of information preferences is shown. It is proved that the territory of accommodation influences not only the maintenance of identity, but also a ratio of personal and sociocultural components of identity and the choice of a form of the preferred mass media. Objective characteristics of social space define specifics of information preferences and features of information space influence on a ratio and the maintenance of sociocultural and personal identity and process of socialization in general.

Keywords: information socialization, information preferences, social space, information space, personal identity, sociocultural identity


The study was supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project 16-06-00161 «Exogenous and endogenous factors of informational socialization».


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Received 26 January 2016. Date of publication: 30 April 2016.

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Ayanyan Anna N. Junior Research Associate, Psychological Institute, ul. Mokhovaya, 9, str. 4, 125009 Moscow, Russia.
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Martsinkovskaya Tatyana D. Ph.D., Professor, Psychological Institute RAO, ul. Mokhovaya, 9, str. 4, 125009 Moscow, Russia; Department of Psychology of the Personality, Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State Regional University, ul. Radio, 10A, 105005 Moscow, Russia.
E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

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Ayanyan A.N., Martsinkovskaya T.D. Teenager’s socialization in informational space. Psikhologicheskie Issledovaniya, 2016, Vol. 9, No. 46, p. 8. (in Russian, abstr. in English).

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